Our Skills

Tax Consultancy

The increasing complexity in the economic and tax environment requires multi-disciplinary special knowledge in economic, tax and legal affairs. The core area of our service portfolio, esp. in the following areas, comprises:

  • Implementing Transfer Pricing Methods
  • Implementing and auditing of Tax Compliance Systems
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Preparation of interim financial statements and special statements
  • Support in regard of accounting questions
  • Foundation of companies
  • Acquisition of companies
  • Merger and restructuring of enterprises
  • Tax optimized designing of company’s succession
  • Tax optimized portfolio management
  • International taxation
  • Tax appeals
  • Taking over the function of a trustee
  • Executer of last will and testament
  • Foundations
  • Charity organizations

In addition, we prepare all kinds of tax returns, claims and declarations to the fiscal authorities, i.e. in the field of income tax, corporation tax, value added tax, property acquisition tax, inheritance and donation tax.


The tasks of auditing are constantly changing due to stricter laws and increasing information needs of the addressees of audits.
Besides performing statutory audits and special audits our services in the field of audit relating advice is becoming more and more important.
Our key elements in our service portfolio auditing are:

  • Audits of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements according to German Trade Law, IFRS and other laws
  • Special audits on behalf of supervisory boards, shareholders or legal representatives of enterprises in all lines of businesses and sizes
  • Audit of company foundations
  • Audit of internal control systems
  • Audit of risk management systems
  • Management audits, esp. in the public sector

Audit related advice

  • Due diligence audits
  • Valuation of enterprises and audit of valuation reports
  • Preparation of group guidelines for consolidation purposes
  • Advising and supporting the inversion of accounting systems to IFRS, US-GAAP and the changed German accounting tools
  • Risk management
  • Internal controlling
  • Internal control system
  • Management report
  • Rating


The success of an entrepreneur depends not only on optimal tax structures, but also on a huge number of decisions in all sectors of an enterprise, for example personal financing, sales, purchase and production.

We render advice in all questions relating to business administration. Our key elements in our service portfolio are:

  • Investing and financial decisions
  • Internal audits and controlling including cost accounting
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Structured tax driven financing concepts
  • Restructuring, turn-around management
  • Interim management
  • Applying for fiscal guarantees
  • Profit analysis
  • Financial Planning

Bookkeeping and Wage and Salary Administration

Our goal is to minimize your tax burden. For that reason we offer digitalized

  • Wage and salary administration,
  • Bookkeeping and
  • Benchmark reports

International Projects

  • Due Diligence for Indian investor buying a German foundry
  • Purchase of German hotels through a Cypriot and Israeli holding
  • Performing the national audits of German subsidiaries for Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Chinese holding companies
  • Assisting our clients to set up subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, China, Mexico, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, USA, etc.
  • Supporting a Spanish company to open branches in Germany
  • Organization of wages and salary administration for foreign employees in SAP